5 Unique Wellness Programs That Promote Work-Life Balance in Organizations

September 8, 2023
September 8, 2023 Taneika Farmiloe

5 Unique Wellness Programs That Promote Work-Life Balance in Organizations

In the quest for unique wellness programs that promote work-life balance, we turned to five industry professionals for their insights. From a wellness coordinator’s take on team outings to a CEO’s perspective on unlimited time off, we’ve gathered a rich variety of strategies. Starting with team outings in the FOH wellness program and ending with achieving balance with wellness challenges, discover the top five programs that are making a difference in organizations today.

  • Enjoying Team Outings in the FOH Wellness Program
  • Promoting a Balanced Culture With Unlimited Time-Off
  • Improving Wellness With the PAIRS Program
  • Balancing Work-Life Through Flex Fridays
  • Achieving Balance With Wellness Challenges

Enjoying Team Outings in the FOH Wellness Program

Our FOH Wellness Program is multifaceted, but our Team Outings might be our most unique offering. We’ve organized kayaking adventures, hike-and-bike trips, disc golf, and rock climbing, to name a few.

We encourage our employees to get outside, enjoy nature, and connect with colleagues outside the office. This promotes physical, social, and emotional wellness too!

Amanda Chismar
Wellness Coordinator, Foxconn EV System

Promoting a Balanced Culture With Unlimited Time-Off

It’s not a wellness program, but a part of our culture. We love our work, but we don’t live to work. Instead, we work so we can live!

And we have an unlimited time-off policy. Every team member is encouraged to actually take enough time off to refresh their mind and body.

If we don’t take care of ourselves first, the entire organization suffers. It’s management’s responsibility to encourage “living” and to lead by example.

Opticwise Douglas, CEO, OPTICWISE, INC.

Improving Wellness With the PAIRS Program

One unique wellness program that we utilize to foster work-life balance in our organization is our PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) program. The PAIRS program is a comprehensive educational program that aims to enhance communication and emotional intelligence skills and teach individuals to navigate conflict effectively.

Historically, the program focused on enhancing romantic relationships, but today we use PAIRS for many relationships. We train all the staff in our PAIRS program. PAIRS teaches communication skills, conflict resolution, and emotional regulation, and improves stress management and self-care.

Overall, incorporating principles and skills taught in PAIRS can lead to better communication, increased emotional intelligence, and a great overall sense of balance between work and personal life.

Rachel MarmorRachel Marmor
Chief Wellness and Resilience Officer, Purpose Built Families Foundation

Balancing Work-Life Through Flex Fridays

We have a program called “Flex Fridays” that has been quite popular. The concept is simple: on Fridays, employees have the option to either work half a day or remotely. What’s great about this program is that it’s not about taking a day off; it’s more like the company saying, “We trust you to manage your time.”

People use this time for various purposes, such as running errands, spending quality time with their families, or simply taking a break. Since we implemented this program, there has been a shift in the office atmosphere. It feels like everyone is more relaxed and ready to take on the week when Monday comes around.

“Flex Fridays” go beyond achieving work-life balance. They are about creating an environment where work doesn’t feel like a routine but rather part of a well-rounded life. Honestly, who wouldn’t appreciate that?

Jacob MaslowJacob Maslow
Owner, Rest Equation

Achieving Balance With Wellness Challenges

One wellness program that promoted work-life balance for us has been wellness challenges. This is a fun competition that gets others to encourage you while you are seeking better health. Part of the challenge was to create a way to implement more work-life balance.

This got employees talking about their various strategies and how to make it work for them. Many offered suggestions, so it became a supportive aspect that benefited everyone.

Michael GorlovskyMichael Gorlovsky
Orthodontist, Windermere Orthodontics

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